Welcome to Full Tank of Coffee!

My name is April and I love coffee.

Full tank of coffee is a blog for the people who are crazy about coffee. I write answers to questions about coffee – such as How to make espresso?, Which coffee machine is the best for me?, or even a step by step instruction on how to do a copycat Starbucks frappe -no judgment. 😉

I have other addictions as well, all things that help me get thru the day -cakes, chocolates, essential oils, aromatherapy essential oil blends, insomnia cures, and some pop psychology too -definitely need those too. 

Full disclosure though, this is a bread and butter website and yu might find product links -coz I figured, why not, if we’re looking for the same things that can make us sane. Buy away my love, I’m not even gonna pretend that this is a one-off occurrence. Bills to pay, family to support, psych doctors to pay. 

I often link to featured products via Amazon and other affiliates programs. If you click these links and purchase products, the URL automatically includes an identifier that tells that retailer that you found the product on FTC. I earn a small percentage on what you spend as a referral fee.

The earnings I get allows me to continue to write content. Earnings from these affiliates do not affect the price you pay for these products.

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PS, a part of my earnings goes to support teens with mental health problems in the Philippines. As a mom with a struggling bipolar son, I feel that this is the least I can do to help others suffering thru the same stigma, shame, and ridicule but lacking the financial support that they urgently need in order to get better or even just manage their conditions. Thank you for your support!